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Staff Changes

As many of you are aware, Wendy Haggerty has served CTAMFT in a number of different roles over the past 3 years – most recently as our valued Association Manager. She has done a terrific job for us, including helping to generate public awareness about the credibility of MFT’s, growing our membership, streamlining communication, securing outstanding speakers for our programs and much, much more! Her contribution has been vital to the success of CTAMFT.

Effective October 1, Wendy will be stepping down to concentrate on her expanding practice, as well as teaching and spending more time with her family. She will continue to support CTAMFT as the role transitions to the new Association Manager.

We are thrilled to welcome Shannon Eterginio! Shannon joined CTAMFT last spring as the behind-the-scenes person helping to manage the 2013 Annual Conference. She comes to us from Crimson Communications – a boutique marketing agency she founded, where her breadth of expertise ranges from day-to-day operations management, client service, marketing, public relations, social networking, legal and accounting matters and much more. In her new role as CTAMFT’s Association Manager, Shannon will be responsible for all day-to-day activities, including handling incoming/outgoing communications, working with CTAMFT’s various committees, as well as spearheading this year’s Annual Conference, The New Brain Science of Connection. Please join us in welcoming Shannon to the team! She can be reached at the Association’s phone number (860-952-9MFT/9638) or via email.

Letter from the President – Transitions

CTAMFT President
Dorothy Timmermann, LMFT, CTAMFT Board President

Dear Members,

I am honored to have spent the last three years in service to you and our professional home as the CTAMFT President. What an opportunity to share in the growth and support the common interests of our group. As an organization during my tenure we have certainly been able to embrace change from a systemic mindset. Our team has worked strategically from a 3-year plan to deliver on the following goals: 1) increasing the capacity of Connecticut MFTs to succeed in the mental health field, 2) represent MFTs interests in legislative and policy-making proceedings to further CTAMFT’s mission and goals, 3) address the needs of an ever-diversifying Connecticut, and 4) increase CTAMFT’s organizational effectiveness. We are proud of the many results in support of these four goals and have highlighted some of our success stories in our Conference Recap and Advocacy Report which follow.

As we look to the future, I am excited to move into my role as Past-President and with the utmost of confidence transition Denise Parent into her role as your current President. Denise is steadfast with her commitment to our profession and organization. Serving as Treasurer followed by President-Elect, she has been an instrumental part of the leadership during my time and will continue the momentum attending to the ever-evolving needs ahead. We have also elected a dynamic 2012-2013 Board of Directors and secured outstanding Committee Chairs. I’d like to acknowledge Paula Levy from our Elections Committee who has continuously done a wonderful job in support of this endeavor. The Election Results are detailed in a following post.

We slow down a bit in the summer and meet again as full Board on September 14th, 2013 at the Cromwell Courtyard Marriott. Meetings are held the second Friday of the month and members are always welcome to attend. Meanwhile plans for the next Legislative Session, a Fall Professional Development Workshop and the 2014 Annual Conference are all underway. We are always interested in engaging with you and getting members more involved. Please contact Wendy Haggerty at manager@ctamft.org if interested.

To so many of you…thank you for all of the dedication, support, and fun we’ve shared. The memories will always be with me!

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