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Communication Tools (updated July 2014)

Introducing CTAMFT E-Classifieds

Hello CTAMFT Members and Listserv Subscribers,

We are pleased to share that CTAMFT’s “Listserv” has gone through a transformation!

Introducing: CTAMFT E-Classifieds. This new name is intended to better represent the type of information we are sharing with you. With the new title comes updated and clarified criteria.

Revised Criteria: We have updated our E-Classifieds criteria reflecting what this information source shares and what it doesn’t. Members can click on the link to view the new E-Classifieds criteria after logging-in to your account.

Otherwise, please look at the new criteria here: <http://files.mail-list.com/m/ctamft/CTAMFT_E-Classifieds_Criteria.pdf>

Electronic submitting: Please submit postings to manager@ctamft.org. This is the same CTAMFT e-mail address that many of you have become familiar with. We are now using this e-mail for all E-Classifieds communication. *Please note the ctamft@snet.net e-mail is no longer active.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact the CTAMFT Association Manager, Shannon Eterginio at manager@ctamft.org.

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