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Save the Date! “The Modern Divorce”

2016 CTAMFT Annual Conference

Look to your mailboxes for the Save the Date postcard for the 2016 CTAMFT Annual Conference.

But just in case, here’s a sneak peek at it. There will also be 1 CEU for the Poster Session, as usual.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

CTAMFT 2016 Postcard-front

CTAMFT 2016 Postcard-back-final

Keep in touch with us!

Sometimes we forget all of the ways we can share information. Attached is a simple form to keep you connected to us, and us to you!

Communication Tools (updated July 2014)

URGENT: Read before you vote. CT leaders input re: National Vote

Dear Colleagues,

Regarding the AAMFT by-law vote taking place this summer through August 15:

Many of you have asked us our opinions regarding the proposed AAMFT by-law changes. Our division charter limits us as Connecticut Board members to follow AAMFT direction regarding voicing opinions about AAMFT matters. Therefore, we will share how either vote will be likely to play out in Connecticut:

A “yes” vote would eliminate the Connecticut division by ending mandatory dues payments and division leadership, with a transition starting in January 2016. This will mean all leadership authority and fiscal decision-making will be centralized with the national organization with a focus on forming special interest groups.

In the event that CT MFTs choose not to fund local services in any respect, lobbying, employment advocacy, local conferences/CEUs and statewide student/new grad mentoring in Connecticut would end.

We are optimistic, however, that local adaptations are possible, and will consider forming an organization independent from AAMFT to close any gaps in services.

A “no” vote would maintain mandatory local dues payments and fund the services that are currently in place in Connecticut until a new plan is accepted. If a plan for restructuring is re-drawn, we would advocate that it include specifics for all regions that AAMFT serves, regarding ways to:

  • maximize strengths to promote the MFT profession locally
  • include regional leadership roles and information gathering
  • address weaknesses and threats to the MFT profession
  • incorporate fiscal plans for specific regional and lobbying initiatives
  • incorporate service region culture and demographics
  • incorporate future service trends in the MFT profession

We strongly encourage you to check for your AAMFT ballot and control number, emailed May 29, or vote via paper ballot before the vote ends August 15.

We fully support your vote based on your own interpretation of the abundant information shared. For more information, feel free to call work numbers for Heather 203-438-3139 and Denise, at 860-486-2396.

Denise Parent, LMFT                            Heather Ehinger, LMFT, EdD
Rosemarie Coratola, Psy.D., LMFT      Jeffrey Schutz, LMFT, BCN, ORD
Normajean Cefarelli, LMFT                   Wendy Haggerty, LMFT
MaryAnn LaBella, M.A., LMFT              Nicole O’Brien, M.A., Ph.D.
Christine Senu, MFT student

3 Days Left to Vote!

Only Three Days Left to Vote!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to vote during this year’s elections cycle.  For those who have not yet voted, you’ve got three days left, as voting closes on Saturday, March 30.

If you haven’t received a ballot from us, please contact us at elections@ctamft.org.

Election results will be announced at CTAMFT’s Annual Conference on Friday, April 25, 2014. We look forward to seeing you there!

Paula Levy, Chair
The Elections Committee

Introducing CTAMFT E-Classifieds

Hello CTAMFT Members and Listserv Subscribers,

We are pleased to share that CTAMFT’s “Listserv” has gone through a transformation!

Introducing: CTAMFT E-Classifieds. This new name is intended to better represent the type of information we are sharing with you. With the new title comes updated and clarified criteria.

Revised Criteria: We have updated our E-Classifieds criteria reflecting what this information source shares and what it doesn’t. Members can click on the link to view the new E-Classifieds criteria after logging-in to your account.

Otherwise, please look at the new criteria here: <http://files.mail-list.com/m/ctamft/CTAMFT_E-Classifieds_Criteria.pdf>

Electronic submitting: Please submit postings to manager@ctamft.org. This is the same CTAMFT e-mail address that many of you have become familiar with. We are now using this e-mail for all E-Classifieds communication. *Please note the ctamft@snet.net e-mail is no longer active.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact the CTAMFT Association Manager, Shannon Eterginio at manager@ctamft.org.

Student Committee Corner!

Jessica Floyd, Student Representative and Mika Vinci, Student Consultant
CTAMFT Student Committee (students@ctamft.org

Pamela N. Griffin Scholarship Award
Would you like to attend the national AAMFT Conference in Wisconsin next year? Or perhaps this year’s CTAMFT Annual Conference: The New Brain Science of Connection?  Here’s how you can apply to receive either $500 for the national conference or full admission to this year’s CTAMFT conference!…

Pamela N. Griffin established a trust to award scholarships to MFT students entering the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.  The intent of the scholarship is to support students wishing to attend CTAMFT, AAMFT and other conferences.

The amount to be awarded will be $1,250 per year, and distributed in two ways:

  1. One (1) award of $500.00 for the AAMFT National Conference (or another MFT conference of applicant’s preference).
  2. Five (5) awards of $150 to one student member from each MFT program in CT (i.e., one student will be selected from each of the following programs: SCSU, UConn, University of Saint Joseph, CCSU and Fairfield University) to attend CTAMFT’s annual two-day conference.

To receive awarded funds, recipients must submit proof of conference attendance (i.e., proof of registration and attendance).

Application Criteria and Procedures:

  • Applicant must be a current MFT student in a Connecticut MFT program.
  • Applicant must be an AAMFT Student Member (must submit AAMFT ID# on application).
  • Applicant must have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher (must submit scan or photocopy of current transcript or written proof from Department Chair or Faculty Supervisor).
  • Applicant must complete Pamela N. Griffin Award Application Form.
  • Applicant must submit a brief essay (250 words max.) describing goals as a future MFT and how the conference will enhance that goal.
  • Applicant must receive a signature on the application form from their MFT Program Director or MFT faculty member.
  • Final award will be made upon proof of registration and attendance to Conference (local or national).

Selection Process:

  • The $500 award will be selected via a lottery, drawn at random by CTAMFT’s Board of Directors.
  • For each of the $150 scholarship awards, one student from each of the five MFT programs in CT will be selected by lottery, drawn at random by CTAMFT’s Board of Directors.

Submit applications electronically to manager@ctamft.org.

Ethics Committee Update

by Normajean Cefarelli, LMFT
Chair, Ethics Committee (ethics@ctamft.org

scaleCTAMFT’s Ethics Committee is a resource on ethical practice of MFT in Connecticut. The Ethics Committee is responsible for providing updated information to our members about the application of the AAMFT ethics code. We also assist with ethical best practice questions and CT law resources/information relevant to our practice as MFTs.

2014 Ethics Committee Charge
The Ethics Committee has a focused charge for the New Year, including researching and disseminating information about the ethics code updates. The 2014 focus includes providing resources for educating yourself/supervisees to:

  • Manage confidentiality with multiple family members.
  • Legalities related to special populations like children/adolescents, persons with disabilities, HIV+ and drug addiction.
  • Technology and therapy, best practices and confidentiality.

If you have resources to share, or a desire to participate on the ethics committee, please contact Normajean Cefarelli via email.

2013 Election Results

CTAMFT is pleased to announce the results of the 2013 Election and Board of Director appointees. All newly elected members and appointees have assumed their positions as of July 1st, 2013.

Board of Directors:
Secretary (new term): Rosemarie Coratola, Psy.D., LMFT
Treasurer (appointed): Michele L. Parker, Ph.D., LMFT
Treasurer-Elect: Jeffrey Schutz, MA
Director: Maryann Hayes LaBella, MA, LMFT
Student Representative: Jessica Floyd

Nominating Election Committee:
Member (new term): Paula Levy, MA, LMFT
Member: Carolyn Yates, MA
Member (appointed): Charles P. LeMieux, III, MA, LMFT

Academic Committee:
Liaison (appointed): Sebastian Perumbilly, Ph.D., LMFT


2013 Annual Conference and Meeting

It’s almost here!

2013 Annual Conference

2013 Annual Conference

Our 2013 Annual Conference is April 25-26.

Following a year of engaging our neighboring divisions in discussion about collaborating for growth opportunities, the Rhode Island division has elected to join us in hosting an expanded conference offering.

Our upcoming conference will encompass two days and feature multiple popular presenters including: Dr. Kenneth Hardy, Dr. Eliana Gil and Charlette Mukulka.

There will be new social and networking opportunities (hey Students – we mean you too!) along with special discounted room rates ($149!)  from the Mystic Marriott to enhance your visit and encourage overnight stays – but they will sell out so make your reservations now.

We are offering multiple ticketing options to accommodate various needs – even 50% off 2013 Annual Conference Non-Profit Registration for groups of 4 or more from agencies or non-profits.

And for those of you who were lucky enough to attend last year’s amazing Conference, this year is going to be even better!

As always, more detailed information can be found on our website at ctamft.org, or you can email us at manager@ctamft.org.

See you there!!

2013 Call for Election Nominations



The Election Committee is seeking Nominees for the following Board of Director positions and Nominating Election Committee Chair position opening in 2013:

• Director (3-years)
• Treasurer-Elect (1-year) followed by Treasurer (2-years)
• Student Representative (1-year) followed by Student Consultant (1-year)
• Nominating Elections Committee Chair (2-years)

A detailed description of the responsibilities of each position is available on our website. If you are interested in serving or know someone who would be a great candidate, please notify the Elections Committee by Friday, February 15, 2013.

Candidates will also need to complete the 2013 Nominating Elections Form by February 22, 2013. Please contact us at elections@ctamft.org for additional information.

Thank you, Elections Committee

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