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Call for Submissions

Colleen LaFrancois, CTAMFT Newsletter Editor

I am delighted to serve as CTAMFT’s new Newsletter Editor for the Connecticut Connection and look forward to working with you!

The theme of our Fall 2012 publication is “Technology and Your Practice.” Technology extends our realm of influence, but it can either build bridges or walls between people. Some people use technology to overcome physical distance and enhance relationships. Others surround themselves with technology and ignore the needs of others.

How are you integrating technology into your practice? Are you utilizing social media effectively? What are the legal, ethical, HIPAA-related concerns you have about moving toward this boundless horizon? And, how is technology, in its many forms, affecting your clients? Is instant gratification a good thing? With cyber-bullying and internet affairs, clients’ presenting issues often include problems navigating through this ever-changing electronic world.

If you are confronting any of these intensifying challenges and opportunities in your practice, consider sharing your knowledge by writing an article. We also invite you to contribute member announcements such as professional accomplishments and milestones, interesting news items, responses to previously published articles and Letters to the Editor. Please respond with interest via email to ctamftnewsletter@gmail.com by September 21. Final copy is due by September 30, 2012.

Lastly, advertising in the Connecticut Connection is a very efficient and cost effective way to reach 1100 MFTs across the state. Member prices for advertising range from only $40 for classified ads to $300 for full page display ads. Please reserve your space by September 21, and submit display ads electronically (in camera-ready form unless exclusively text) by September 30, 2012 to October 8, 2012.

Note: Publication of submissions is not guaranteed, and editor retains the right to edit any submissions.


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