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Open Comment: Code of Ethics

Open Comment: Code of Ethics

The AAMFT Board of Directors has approved a draft of the revised Code of Ethics and is making available this version for open comment. CTAMFT has posted the draft under the Members-Only section – “AAMFT Code of Ethics” – on ctamft.org. 

In 2009 the AAMFT Board of Directors appointed the Ethics Code Revision Task Force that was to provide recommendations regarding the scope of revisions. The Task Force recommended that incremental changes were necessary but not a complete reorganization or restructuring of the Code.

In 2010, members were surveyed about potential changes needed to the Code. Information was forwarded to the Task Force.

In 2011, the Ethics Code Task Force was appointed and began implementing changes that incorporated member feedback while being mindful of the Revision Task Force recommendations. The Task Force concluded their work and forwarded a draft the AAMFT Board.

The AAMFT Board directed staff to compile a final draft based on the Ethics Code Task Force draft, members input, known changes resulting from bylaws and membership category changes, tempering aspirational with enforceable principles and sub principles, ethics case history and known state and federal regulations.

Next Steps
The AAMFT Board believes this draft encompasses and fulfills the Ethics Revision Task Force recommendation that incremental changes were necessary without a complete rewrite of the Code. Until January 31, 2012, the AAMFT Board would like to collect member feedback recognizing that all feedback is invaluable in contributing either to the Code or the forthcoming Guidebook that will be created following a final approval of the Code. All feedback will be forwarded to the AAMFT Board of Directors.

During the March Board meeting the AAMFT Board of Directors will either accept this draft or direct a Task Force to make additional changes based on member feedback that may identify substantial gaps in the current draft. We sincerely appreciate any and all feedback you can provide to coderevisions@aamft.org.


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