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“Pleasure: The Secret Ingredient in Happiness”

CTAMFT is pleased to present another wonderful resource for our membership. Please enjoy this review for a new book, “Pleasure: The Secret Ingredient in Happiness”.


Research States That Pleasure Is Crucial To Happiness: New Book

Do you want to be happier? This book documents 3 years of research on the subject of happiness. The results show that pleasure is the secret ingredient in happiness.

Pleasure is not bad but good for us. Pleasure has been found to be therapeutic in treating stress, anxiety and depression. Pleasure is in fact a crucial component of happiness. Attending to pleasure can change our lives and provide us with a new more balanced life.

Drawing from years of personal and professional experience in social behavior, Marisol Garcia, Ph.D. packs the book with simple and practical guidelines, exercises, and inspiring personal narratives. In this provocative book, you will be inspired to transform your life. In Garcia’s words,“I had to give up the notion that I shouldn’t have pleasure and be pleasured. I didn’t feel I deserved to or should indulge in pleasure. I was scared that if I did, I wouldn’t go to work the next day. But in the end, incorporating pleasure into my life was effortless and made me feel happier. Feeling more happiness gave me more energy and enthusiasm to live my life.”

You can find “Pleasure: The Secret Ingredient in Happiness” in print and ebook format on Amazon and Smashwords.


Marisol Garcia is a therapist, social researcher, writer, and lecturer. She received her doctorate from the University of Connecticut. Her private practice is located in Orange, Connecticut and New York City. Marisol is Assistant Director for Partners in Social Research. To learn more about her work, you can visit her website at http://www.garciawestberg.com or http://www.thepleasurecure.com.


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